Rice Cooker Recipes (20)

    There is more that you can make in your rice cooker than just steamed rice, why not try some of these recipes?

    Top Rice Cooker Recipes

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    It's done in a rice cooker rather than the stove.

    Recipe by: rachellg

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    A traditional and tasty Hainanese dish, the rice is fragrant, the sauce tasty and chicken is tender. A popular dish in Singapore.

    Recipe by: michdanz

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    A Jamaican spiced chicken and coconut rice dish. This uses a rice cooker but you can cook the rice using the absorption method on the stove top.

    Recipe by: nmgill

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    This is a simple way to cook fish, prawns and seafood sticks with a great result. The rice can be cooked in stock for additional flavour.

    Recipe by: BitsOfTaste

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    A whole chicken is boiled then served with rice prepared using the boiled chicken stock in this Vietnamese dish 'Kao Mun Gai'.

    Recipe by: Wiley

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