Iced Coffee (27)

No long hot summer afternoon is complete without a tall glass of iced coffee, plain, blended or Vietnamese style. Check out the recipes below for more ideas.

Top Iced Coffee Recipes

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This is a typical Vietnamese styled coffee that is super rich and sweet that can only be achieved from the use of condensed milk, great for a coffee lover who thinks they have tried everything.

Recipe by: Joseph and Joyanna

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Just a small iced coffee that takes 2-3 minutes of your time. Great way to drink coffee in hot weather.

Recipe by: Phoenix

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Ice cubes made from frozen coffee are blended with milk, sugar and chocolate topping to make a cold coffee drink for a hot day. Top with whipped cream to serve.

Recipe by: WENDYCAIN

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Just what you need on a hot, sleepy afternoon or a long, hot drive. Similar to bought iced coffee, at a fraction of the cost and fat free as well.

Recipe by: Annalie

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This is an easy way to make a frozen mocha just as good as you can buy! You can even add some flavoured syrup if you like!

Recipe by: Cathie

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