Muesli Bars

    Plain muesli bars, muesli muffin bars, fruit slices that are like muesli bars and chocolate coated muesli bars. Check which recipe is the one you are after.

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    This is a delicious and easy recipe for cranberry bars or slices. They're festive in the holiday season and would make great gifts.

    Recipe by: Inger

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    A really moist and surprisingly healthy snack. Use any seeds or nuts that you have. I have used rolled and rye oats.

    Recipe by: Aislingfitzpatrick

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    These delicious muesli bars are a great lunch box treat and a little more special than the ordinary. Use almonds or macadamia nuts as a variation.

    Recipe by: Martha

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    This is an usual use for cranberry sauce - baked into delicious bars with cream cheese and rolled oats. Not at all hard to make.

    Recipe by: Peggy

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    This is a healthy homemade fruit and nut slice using all my favourites dried apples, sunflower kernels and walnuts.

    Recipe by: Rachael

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    We usually called them muesli bars in Australia but here's some proper Commonwealth snacking. The secret is to use demerara sugar and not brown sugar. Couldn't be easier!

    Recipe by: kate

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