A Christmas standard, roast goose marries well with a variety of flavours. Explore the possibilities.

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Fresh goose stuffed with wild rice and shiitake mushrooms. The secret to keeping it crispy is to allow the skin to fully dry for at least 24 hours before roasting.

Recipe by: Christine Lipo

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This really is a classic holiday meal. Try it instead of a roast chicken or ham at Christmas or a special birthday.

Recipe by: Christine Lipo

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A very unusual casserole which uses goose meat. You can also use the leftover meat from a whole roast goose which is easier.

Recipe by: Elisabeth Glachant

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For a real Christmas centerpiece, try a goose! If you need any help with the trussing, watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Roast Goose Video.

Recipe by: Christine L.

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Goose foie gras makes a very elegant finger food for a dinner party and is best served simple with just a sprinkling of coarse fleur de sel salt.

Recipe by: Anizou

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There's nothing to equal the challenge and reward of making your own rillettes (potted meat) at home. Ask the butcher to cut up and bone your goose for you if you want.

Recipe by: Clothilde

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When you have a lot of people for a special occasion, try roasting a whole goose! It will make your Christmas unforgettable.

Recipe by: Christine L.

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Ideal for Christmas or another special event this roast goose has a wonderful apple stuffing incorporating sultanas and celery.

Recipe by: cookingismylife

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Roast goose is wonderful and this one is especially wonderful due to the chestnut, apple and sultana stuffing accompanied by a red wine gravy.

Recipe by: Marianne

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When the occasion demands it you will have no finer feast than barbecued goose. This is an old English recipe and is simply amazing.

Recipe by: Christine L.

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