Yum Cha and Dim Sum

    Yum Cha is a Chinese dining experience where you drink tea and eat Dim Sum, which are small savoury or sweet foods such as dumplings and spring rolls.

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    This rice paper rolls recipe is inspired by 2 recipes from this site, in my attempt to try all sorts of Asian flavours at an Asian night dinner party i hosted.

    Recipe by: kwonnocott

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    Once these dimsims have been put together, you can either fry them or steam them; both ways are delicious.

    Recipe by: Donna

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    Unlike normal spring rolls this recipe calls for them to be baked rather than fried, making the tasty pork and vegetable filling healthier without all the extra oil.

    Recipe by: Rayna

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    This recipe has evolved from a traditional Vietnamese rice paper roll and has become a family favourite. Always keep a good supply of rice papers and vermicelli or noodles in the pantry and this recipe can be adapted to whatever meat and vege you have.

    Recipe by: Lizzie360

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    This is one for the tofu fans- a sweet and spicy marinade of orange juice, rice vinegar and Asian spices. A great starter.

    Recipe by: MEAGHAN87

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    This is an easy way to use up small amounts of leftover chicken - just wrap leftover chicken in wonton wrappers and bake until crispy. You can serve them plain or with soy sauce or sweet chilli sauce.

    Recipe by: Jan

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    Rice paper wrappers enclose a filling of cooked rice, crabmeat, avocado, and strips of roasted capsicum and cucumber in these satisfying starters.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    These rice paper rolls make an excellent entree or light meal. Colourful, crunchy vegetables contrast nicely with the soft, translucent wrapper.

    Recipe by: Rebecca V

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    Yummy Asian egg tarts! First, mix up a batch of shortcrust dough, then fill them with egg custard and bake.

    Recipe by: Goh Mei Lee

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    Although higher in fat than white breast meat, the darker-fleshed chicken pieces – the legs (drumsticks) and thighs – are a more concentrated source of minerals, including zinc and some iron.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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