Mocktail (33)

    Whether you are looking for a fancy drink for your kids or you just don't want any alcohol, try a mocktail. There are lots of flavours and colours to choose from.

    Top Mocktail Recipes

    7 reviews

    A delicious easy to make mocktail and the best thing about it is its 100% healthy and alcohol free. My mocktails are the centre of all my parties.

    Recipe by: bithib

    102 reviews

    Makes this as a centrepiece for a Halloween party! A hand is frozen in a rubber glove and then added to the punchbowl.

    Recipe by: MOMMYGABS

    24 reviews

    A great drink for serving to children or designated drivers at Christmas time, New Year's Eve or parties.

    Recipe by: Mary48

    21 reviews

    An alcohol free mint julep for you non-drinkers out there.... now you don't have to drink water and can enjoy the classic mint julep with a slight twist while watching the Melbourne Cup!

    Recipe by: SHOWP0NIE

    46 reviews

    Here's a great alternative to mimosas at brunch that you can share with your kids! Made with fresh juice and a little syrup.

    Recipe by: Jocelyn

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