Apple Cake

    Apples make a great addition to a cake which probably explains why there are so many apple cake recipes to choose from. Which apple cake recipe will you choose?

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    I have given so many people this recipe - substitute any fruits for the apple and if you don't have time to pre-cook it - just slice it finely and then add a little more sugar if it is a "tart" fruit (rhubarb, granny smith apples, some types of stonefruit, etc). Quick, easy, and foolproof! Great to bake in the oven whilst the main course is cooking.

    Recipe by: mintzaroni

    8 reviews

    This deliciously light and moist cake is both gluten-free and dairy-free so it's great if you've got intolerant eaters with a sweet tooth. It's my own recipe that comes from a cross between traditional orange and almond cake and apple upside down cake. It's not the prettiest cake around but it is the perfect accompaniment to morning or afternoon tea... ENJOY!

    Recipe by: chorazy

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    This is adapted from a recipe in a book I got about 20 years ago. I generally make it when there are apples that need to be used up. And any cake recipe that doesn't start with "Cream butter and sugar...." is one for me! This one's not a big riser, it's almost like a cross between a cake and a tart.

    Recipe by: amanda

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    The stewed apple in this chocolate cake creates a very moist crumb and a natural sweetness that makes this one of my favourite cakes.

    Recipe by: Karen Dunn

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    This was in my mum's recipe collection that I inherited. You can substitute golden syrup for the treacle.

    Recipe by: sharon

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    This traditional style Swedish apple cake has a lovely rich texture and tastes divine, and is very simple to make. Served warm, with a good quality thick cream or vanilla ice cream, this dessert is guaranteed to please.

    Recipe by: kiki1978

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    This is a tasty cake that keeps well and is quite easy to make. Great as an afternoon snack with coffee.

    Recipe by: Judy Risilverbeetson

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    Use up unwanted/imperfect apples ( if you have fussy kids like me!) in this healthy low fat recipe. I have found this cake very useful for "bring a plate" or as dessert. Everybody asks for the recipe because it is so yummy, especially when still a little warm from the oven and crispy on the outside.

    Recipe by: angshergold

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    A lovely apple cake which you are sure to love, especially if are a fan of walnuts! You can ice it too if you like.

    Recipe by: Melissa

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    Moist and yummy these are a nice change from the normal cupcake. The apple and sultanas go well together. Add a dash of cinnamon if you like. Lovely hot out of the oven with a bit of butter or cool with a cup of tea. Or great in kids lunch boxes.

    Recipe by: Foxglove

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