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There's nothing better on a hot summer afternoon than a glass of homemade lemonade or limeade. Try some of the recipe ideas below including lavender lemonade.

Top Lemonade Recipes

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This is a bit like an Italian granita but without as much preparation time. It's the perfect drink for summer!

Recipe by: BeverlyAnn

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This recipe was given to my by my MIL's best friend, who was about 90 at the time. I took my little MIL over to visit her old friend and she served these scones up, I was so impressed with how light and fluffy these were I asked for the recipe and in her infinite kindness she passed it on to me.

Recipe by: nignig

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Garnish this fiery refreshing lemonade with extra sliced lemons or use slices of lemon rind from the leftover juiced fruit.

Recipe by: JHERCIK

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This is the most refreshing drink I know for a hot summer's day, and it's non alcoholic. You'll never go back to plain lemonade!

Recipe by: jpd222nc

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These foolproof scones have only four ingredients and come together in minutes. Lemonade makes them extra light.

Recipe by: SHINE3

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