Fried Fish

    Whether you prefer Asian flavours like ginger and soy sauce, Cajun blackened catfish or a plate of fish and chips, you'll find the perfect fried fish recipe.

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    Global Cuisine

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    You can use any colour of chillies, or add chillies if you prefer a little heat.

    Recipe by: Eliza

    204 reviews

    Red snapper is gently dipped in a homemade marinade before the residual is added to the frying pan and reduced to make a glorious sauce.

    Recipe by: OCTOBERK8

    19 reviews

    Deep fried fish - in a beer batter

    Recipe by: leeanne51

    378 reviews

    A flavourful fish like salmon needs very little done to it to taste spectacular. This recipe is simple but not boring!

    Recipe by: SLINKYWINK

    2 reviews

    Pan fried in butter and served with a lemon sauces with capers and chives. This white fish is a common New Zealand dish.

    Recipe by: JuliettevanSon

    16 reviews

    The crumbing of these snapper fillets includes Cajun seasonings giving it a great spicy taste. Serves well with fried rice or noodles.

    Recipe by: MICHELLE0011

    74 reviews

    This is a lovely fried salmon dish with tarragon and dill. The parmesan crust adds a delightful crunch.

    Recipe by: Chef Dave

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    This is a simple set of instructions to get the best pan fried fish. First coat in flour, then whisked egg and fry to perfection.

    Recipe by: Anne

    93 reviews

    This is a simple way to cook rainbow trout using simple Asian flavours like garlic, ginger and soy sauce. Serve with rice and snow peas.

    Recipe by: KerriJ

    3 reviews

    Kind of like fish and chips but with no batter and much healthier and easier. You can use other white fish or salmon for this recipe.

    Recipe by: Mushonite

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