Wraps are a delicious sandwich option consisting of flat bread such a pita or a tortilla rolled around various fillings. Check here for healthy wrap recipe ideas.

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    I used this lunch/dinner to help transition my children from chicken nuggets into more mature meals and flavours. It is still tasty enough for the adults to enjoy too.

    Recipe by: BushCook

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    These healthy beef and avocado wraps are especially great for a summer lunch with a crisp salad. I love them.

    Recipe by: Naomi Winter

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    Make great lunches for kids at school.

    Recipe by: KarenR

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    Recipe was inspired by the fact that liver can be interesting and tasty. It is a simple and easy recipe that anyone can try.

    Recipe by: such34244

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    Perfect party finger food, ham, cheese, tomato and lettuce are wrapped up in a tortilla then sealed with cream cheese. Delicious little goodies for any get together.

    Recipe by: Cattleya

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    Extremely easy to make it is amazing that such little effort can create such a beautiful result. I have used these for an entree at a dinner party and as nibbles at a cocktail party.

    Recipe by: Capucine

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    A nutritious, balanced meal that's easy to throw together in a pinch. This has a chickpea sauce that you can use in other dishes as well.

    Recipe by: JULESKICKS2

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    These chilli chicken wraps are really easy to make with the chicken being fried, seasoned with chilli sauce then laid on a tortilla and topped with lettuce, celery and blue cheese dressing.

    Recipe by: lsk

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    A wrap version of the sandwich that my kids seem to like better. Sliced avocado is a nice addition. You can use other flat breads like pita and mountain instead of the tortillas if desired.

    Recipe by: mumofsix

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    Fresh jalapeno chillies add a little bit of kick when sprinkled over avocado and garnished with coriander.

    Recipe by: VALKARYN

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