The clean taste of peppermint is a must in baking and dessert recipes. Look here for peppermint slices, peppermint creams, peppermint cake and peppermint crisp.

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This is a lovely homemade peppermint chocolate ice cream that is a little lighter and brighter through the use of low fat milk.

Recipe by: Darryn M. Briggs

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This recipe is a bit unorthodox and requires mayonnaise in place of eggs, oil and salt, but it is the the secret to rich and most cupcakes. These rich cupcakes are spiked with candy canes for an amazing seasonal treat!

Recipe by: CheekyKiwi

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These simple-to-make mints make great Christmas gifts. If stored in airtight container, these can be frozen for a couple of months.

Recipe by: Diane

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Admittedly, making homemade peppermint patties sounds crazy considering how you can buy them. I’ll definitely do these again! Just about anybody can make Pink Peppermint Patties. The results are vastly superior to bought ones (read: mmmm FRESH). I will go so far as to call them “foolproof,” as long as you don’t count slopping melted chocolate all over your arms as a mistake because you can lick it off. Not a problem in my book.

Recipe by: worththewhisk

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This is the perfect cocktail for serving at Christmas with its combination of peppermint, chocolate and a decorative candy cane.

Recipe by: DanaV

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A richly peppermint flavoured cheesecake, with a chocolate base and decorated with Aero bars. Peppermint's green, right!

Recipe by: shazzieau

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Really easy recipe combining white chocolate, condensed milk, chocbits and peppermint essence. Add a bit of colour and you have a sinfully delicious treat, made in 1 bowl.

Recipe by: shazzieau

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This is a great peppermint flavoured biscuit that also contains chocolate chips. Great to have with a cup of hot chocolate.

Recipe by: GIBBONSS3

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If you are a fan of chocolate and peppermint then this cheesecake recipe is your heaven, bet you can't eat just one!

Recipe by: shazzieau

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I'm still on my ice cream making adventure. This time for peppermint icecream. So creamy and pepperminty. And the easiest you'll ever make.

Recipe by: shazzieau

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