Custard Tart (20)

Custard tarts are a great way to end a meal that is a simple and easy recipe to prepare with variations coming from size and extra ingredients like berries.

Top Custard Tart Recipes

11 reviews

Super simple custard tarts, very easy to make using frozen puff pastry. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the recipe, these are addictive!

Recipe by: John J. Pacheco

5 reviews

Fresh rhubarb is diced and placed into a prepared pastry case. A creamy custard filling is poured over the rhubarb then the tart is baked.

Recipe by: Carolyn

4 reviews

A delicious traditional dessert which only has a few ingredients. Best when fresh rhubarb is coming into season.

Recipe by: phaylock

2 reviews

Lovely with a cup of tea or coffee, custard tarts are actually very simple to make and best with homemade pastry.

Recipe by: VANILLAU

1 review

This is a very simple recipe for a deliciously gooey peach custard tart. Can be made all year with tinned peaches. Delicious hot with ice cream or alone cold.

Recipe by: Lucky Nikki

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