Whether you’re making a batter for fish, chicken or prawns, or something sweet like bananas or apples there are lots of batter recipes here to choose from.

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    Global Cuisine

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    Here's an usual take on fish batter - it uses crushed salt and vinegar chips instead of breadcrumbs. You'll be amazed how well it works.

    Recipe by: Mr. Greekagojun

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    Beer batter is made and used to cover white fish fillets of your choice then cooked until golden brown. Serve with chips, salad and a slice of lemon.

    Recipe by: Karen David

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    Beer batter is the best of all batters and although it is most commonly linked to fish you can use it on chicken and vegetables too.

    Recipe by: Letty Simmet

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    I have great childhood memories of pineapple fritters from the local fish and chip shop; unfortunately that shop is not there anymore so now I have to make my own. You can batter any fruit with this recipe.

    Recipe by: mireilleB

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    In France this popular snack is known as a croque-monsieur. If you top it with a fried egg, it becomes a croque-madame. A very satisfying and filling snack.

    Recipe by: Sneakyteaky

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    The combination of a beer batter with a spicy dry coating results in a delicious and crispy dish. You can use this batter with prawns as well.

    Recipe by: EHIEBERT

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    This is a basic beer batter and is ideal for any white fleshed fish. Serve with homemade baked potato chips and coleslaw.

    Recipe by: Wilma Scott

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    This fish batter made with dark beer - like stout or Toohey's Old - is perfect for all kinds of fish!

    Recipe by: Rhiannon

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    This amazingly easy recipe uses instant pancake mix to make a beer batter for fresh fish. Great for camping!


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    Crispy and delicious entree prawns that are marinated in mirin (rice wine) before being dipped in a homemade batter then deep fried. This Japanese batter also works great on fresh veggies.

    Recipe by: SHERRY_G

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