Tomato Sauce

    Make your own smooth or chunky tomato sauce and use it in all kinds of recipes, from barbecue to pasta!

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    Made with turkey mince, these tender meatballs provide protein without a lot of fat. The magic cinnamon seasoning in the meatballs adds a delightful accent to the tomato sauce, I also like to serve with yoghurt.

    Recipe by: Patsy Jamieson

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    It's always good to keep some basic tomato pasta sauce in the freezer. You can use it over pasta, in lasagne or on pizza. Delicious and simple.

    Recipe by: GKNEE

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    Tomato sauce is a fundamental condiment but so few people make their own! Homemade tomato sauce tastes a little different but it's fresh and lovely.

    Recipe by: DJFoodie

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    This is a fast meal, on the table in 30 min. You can add extra garlic if you like. Some extra parmesan on the pasta is very nice. The Rissoles can be frozen if needed.

    Recipe by: volos

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    This is a great homemade tomato sauce that uses up any surplus tomatoes you may have growing. I love the extra flavour it has over the store bought versions.

    Recipe by: Corinna

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    Make this sweet chilli tomato sauce more or less hot by the number of chili seeds you leave in or remove. You should use gloves when making this as you will touch a LOT of chilli! This recipe makes about eight 375ml bottles so is a great idea for presents for chilli loving friends and family.

    Recipe by: jc

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    Potato gnocchi are delicious but can be a little dense. In this recipe their flavour is lifted with a fresh tomato sauce spiked with chilli and basil.

    Recipe by: Laura N

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    A bulk batch of this all purpose tomato sauce can go a long way, we like it on our pasta, as the base for a parmigiana and even used it on pizzas.

    Recipe by: Ed Haley

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    If you like home made tomato sauce, here is a simple recipe that you can easily add extras to if you like a stronger flavour.

    Recipe by: Cattleya

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    This is a different way to make tomato sauce, baking all the ingredients in the oven. With tomatoes, apples, onion, sugar and apple cider vinegar, this is yummy.

    Recipe by: Cake

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