Parfait is a single serve breakfast or dessert that consists of layers of cream or yoghurt, fruit and occasionally other variations such as nuts or muesli.

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    Bursting with vitamin C, these tart fruits serve as fat-free, virtually sodium-free seasonings for many foods and beverages.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    This is a deliciously light, creamy and sophisticated little dessert that was once known as Syllabub, it is like a rich, creamy, lemon alcoholic mousse.

    Recipe by: Sarah-neko

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    This simple parfait is also an anytime snack. The fruit, yoghurt and muesli make it a complete but quick breakfast guaranteed to kick start your day. You can use fruit other than the berries and choose your flavour of yoghurt.

    Recipe by: Josie59

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    A luscious, creamy frozen dessert, this parfait can be served with fresh berries instead of the berry compote if preferred.

    Recipe by: SERENAJANE

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    This is a great breakfast for when friends come around, easy but a little bit different, yet still healthy.

    Recipe by: BushCook

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    A simple fruit and yoghurt combination that looks great layered in a glass. You can try various fruit combinations depending what is in season.

    Recipe by: helenearm

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    This is an incredibly quick dessert to make the hard part is waiting to eat it while the raspberries, cream and brown sugar crust set in the fridge.

    Recipe by: Marianne

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    This is a quick and easy dessert that tastes great. Cottage cheese is the low fat foundation to the cream that is layered with fresh blueberries and strawberries.

    Recipe by: Christine

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    If you are a fan of chocolate and peppermint then this cheesecake recipe is your heaven, bet you can't eat just one!

    Recipe by: shazzieau

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    These easy peasy desserts use fresh fruit and shop bought ingredients to make a remarkably delicious summer treat.

    Recipe by: sweettooth

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