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    Get the most our of your summer dining with our great ideas for salads, summer desserts, drinks and no-cook meals.

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    This is a crunchy, wonderfully satisfying salad that is fab with leftover chicken. The dressing is sweet and sour, mingling brown sugar with soy sauce and rice vinegar. Iceberg lettuce and fried rice noodles add the crunch.

    Recipe by: Jill Lopez

    255 reviews

    A smooth, creamy Indian drink that is also a dessert! Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Mango Lassi Video.

    Recipe by: YONNA

    11 reviews

    This cheesecake is delicious using in season ripe mangoes. I only use half a packet of sweet biscuits due to the sweetness of the mango. Make it the day before so it can chill overnight.

    Recipe by: Mum2Boys

    11 reviews

    Almost any whole fish can be cooked with this method but snapper is particularly good with the Thai flavours. If you can find it, try fresh galangal in place of the ginger, the flavour is unique.

    Recipe by: Chili Spice

    8 reviews

    Lemons in season, this is quick, easy and great flavoured cordial. Can also use limes, oranges, a combination, add ginger, cinnamon. Experiment!

    Recipe by: KAS

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