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    There are lots of great tart recipes for both main savoury tarts and sweet dessert tarts. Recipes range from gourmet seafood to simple fruit tarts.

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    1 review

    This spectacular tart has lemon cream filling and is topped with beautiful mixed berries. I like to make it for the Easter table.

    Recipe by: MariaZoroza

    207 reviews

    For such a tasty dessert lemon tarts are a surprisingly easy recipe to make, this is basic version that uses fresh lemons for best flavour.

    Recipe by: Melissa

    122 reviews

    Sliced strawberries are coated with a strawberry jam glaze, arranged on a tart shell, chilled and served with whipped cream. A lovely and simple barbecue or picnic dessert that kids and adults will love.

    Recipe by: Karin Christian

    125 reviews

    Super simple custard tarts, very easy to make using frozen puff pastry. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the recipe, these are addictive!

    Recipe by: John J. Pacheco

    155 reviews

    My mother used to make this all the time, usually to go with Sunday dinner. I was hooked. Haven't had it in ages and I was wanting to bake something special for a special someone so I asked mum for the recipe. Tried it out today, and it's just as I remember. The thing that makes it for me is the frangipane. Hope you like it as much as I do.

    Recipe by: WURZELTREE

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