There is more to vegemite than having it on toast or in a sandwich, why not try one of these vegemite recipes?

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A great, tasty yet simple snack idea. Who didn't have these treats when they were growing up? You'll love them.

Recipe by: Susie Fisher

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Mince like you have never tasted it before! Serve with pasta or mashed potato or you can use it as a pie filling.

Recipe by: HJS100

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Vegemite, cheese and chilli grilled inside two tortillas. You can also fry them with a little oil in a frypan. Serve cut into quarters.

Recipe by: cassandra

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Brown rice, lentils, breadcrumbs, onions and tomatoes are combined with eggs and herbs and then baked. Vegemite makes a great beef stock substitute. Sprinkle with extra grated cheese and bake uncovered for an additional 5 minutes for a cheesy top. Meat for the veggos!

Recipe by: sal

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A version of minestrone with more than the usual mix of veggies. Great winter soup, cheap to make and vegetarian using vegemite instead of beef stock (though there is an option to add bacon.) Good way to use up those odd vegetables that don't quite make a serving on their own.

Recipe by: maryanne1

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I'm not sure if people do this or have heard of it, but it's a great snack for yourself or to make with the kids, and healthy too.

Recipe by: bambi_18

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In this vegetarian shepherd's pie we use a tasty mix of lentils, barley, walnuts and vegetables instead of mince.

Recipe by: souliere

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A quick treat with an Aussie flavour.

Recipe by: JASANDA100

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I found that when it's cold, vegemite tears very fresh bread when you try to spread it or runs over the margarine or butter in as glob, refusing to spread at all.

Recipe by: DaveSanders

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A slightly thinner version of vegemite scrolls with herbs and mustard. These snails make great finger food. Freezing the roll for 30 mins makes them easier to cut thin but is not essential.

Recipe by: SamanthasSupper

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