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    There are many great rice side dishes that can be served with Indian, Asian or ever European meals like pilaf and fried rice.

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    148 reviews

    A delicious and aromatic rice dish with garlic, cumin, curry powder and chilli. This is a meal in itself or a great side dish.

    Recipe by: Isaac LeFever

    No reviews

    This is a delicious and colourful pilaf which is a Christmas dish from Brazil. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Brazilian Christmas Rice Video.

    Recipe by: Mia

    555 reviews

    A lovely alternative to plain rice, this rice is jazzed up with garlic, spring onion and mushrooms and is cooked in chicken stock.

    Recipe by: Jen Levin

    467 reviews

    A delicious yet simple rice side dish, made with long grain white rice, diced red onion and chicken stock. This tasty side is a great accompaniment to fish or chicken.

    Recipe by: Denyse

    956 reviews

    I've been making this casserole for almost 20 years and it's always a hit. Even my meat-eater husband likes it. Serve with a crusty French bread. Leftovers are great for breakfast the next day.

    Recipe by: DebiMcG

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    How to Make Brazilian Christmas Rice
    How to Make Brazilian Christmas Rice

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