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    Teriyaki is a Japanese cooking technique where food is grilled or barbecued in a sweet soy sauce marinade. Fish and chicken are particularly well suited to this technique - try some of the recipes below and see!

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    Succulent breasts of chicken soaked in a teriyaki marinade with a hint of lemon and garlic. Barbecued until the meat is brown on the outside and juicy in the centre.

    Recipe by: prissycat

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    Tuna and teriyaki both come out wonderful on the BBQ, so it is only natural to combine the two flavours as done in this recipe.

    Recipe by: DRIBBS

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    This is such a beautiful chicken recipe. Once the teriyaki chicken is cooked you can use it in so many ways, on rice, with vegetables or even in a wrap.

    Recipe by: Marian Collins

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    This rice paper rolls recipe is inspired by 2 recipes from this site, in my attempt to try all sorts of Asian flavours at an Asian night dinner party i hosted.

    Recipe by: kwonnocott

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    This spicy and fruity marinade is great over pork or chicken. After the meat has marinated, use the marinade as a basting sauce. For Gluten free options, ensure you use the WHEAT FREE SOY SAUCE. Standard soy sauce is wheat brewed.

    Recipe by: Rhonda

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