Nachos (25)

Nachos make a quick and tasty meal or snack. Recipes can be either meat-based or vegetarian and are usually served with salsa, avocado and/or sour cream.

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Top Nacho Recipes

5 reviews

A quick and easy non-meat version of the Mexican-ish dish. Perfect for parties. Serve with Guacamole, sour cream cheese dip, salsa and a side salad. It doesn't get better than this!

Recipe by: Layla Talula

1 review

I made these up at uni cooking cheap semi-healthy meals for the flat and it scales up well to feed the masses.

Recipe by: foufee

2 reviews

Easy to put together , use up left over chicken..great for a lot of kids.

Recipe by: veejay

2 reviews

This recipe is a party favourite of mine and is loved by the young and old.

Recipe by: toots73

No reviews

This recipe combines spicy, sweet and salty flavours for a delicious twist on nachos. Chicken can be used instead of prawns if desired.

Recipe by: Smarz325

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