Shepherd's Pie

    Traditionally shepherd's pie is made out of lamb and cottage pie out of beef, but you don't always have to follow tradition! These recipes provide a variety of options, some even using chicken.

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    Now is there any comfort food that can best a shepherd's pie? It's super hearty and packed full of vegetables.

    Recipe by: Gigi

    88 reviews

    In this vegetarian shepherd's pie we use a tasty mix of lentils, barley, walnuts and vegetables instead of mince.

    Recipe by: souliere

    35 reviews

    Lamb mince, carrots and onions topped with a layer of cheese and onion mashed potatoes. A true family favourite in our house!

    Recipe by: dannyboy

    181 reviews

    This is a traditional-style shepherd's pie like my Mum used to make but completely vegan. The wide ranges of animal substitute products are complemented by the range of fresh vegetables.

    Recipe by: VeggieChefLaura

    10 reviews

    Kind of like a Shepherd's Pie but with a scone topping instead of mashed potatoes, this cobbler has a beautifully flavoured lamb mince filling.

    Recipe by: John Cullen

    2 reviews

    This take on shepherd's pie substitutes chicken for the usual beef or lamb. Simple to make and just delicious. Serve with steamed vegetables.

    Recipe by: tonytsang

    17 reviews

    This is great comfort food. A mashed potato topping covering a tasty blend of red lentils with carrot, onion and celery in wine and stock.

    Recipe by: moo lou

    7 reviews

    A pretty standard shepherd's pie but with extra flavourings from fresh and dried herbs. You can't go past a dish like this for comfort warmth and it's cheap as to make.

    Recipe by: Keri

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    Cottage pie is a favourite for most as mums as it easy, cheap, can prepare early and left in the oven, kids love it and it is packed with healthy vegetables. This one also contains port to give a rich deep taste.

    Recipe by: cheekycookie

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    This is our version of a shepherd's pie that we have for dinner on a Monday night after a Sunday roast lamb. You can make it without the pie crust; we just love the butter flavour mixed with the meat and vegetables.

    Recipe by: TastyFood

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