Tacos, the quintessential Mexican recipe, usually consist of a crispy flour or wheat tortilla wrapped around a filling. The variations are up to your imagination, and our recipes!

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    This layered dip is great for a party - it needs a large serving platter and is very easy to prepare.

    Recipe by: matitojo

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    Any white fish fillets make the perfect filling for tacos! Serve with sour cream, fresh coriander, crisp shredded lettuce and extra lime wedges.

    Recipe by: REDDUNEBLAZER

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    I have seen this recipe all over the net lately, tried it and it was yum! A new family favourite :-)

    Recipe by: Kaylee75

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    Easy summer dinner or BBQ salad. You can use sliced steak instead of the chicken or no meat at all and keep it vegetarian.

    Recipe by: troyandhope

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    Shredded chicken seasoned with taco seasoning, onion, garlic and a pinch of cayenne is rolled up in a soft tortilla with lettuce, beans and cheese for a delightful dish.

    Recipe by: JuliettevanSon

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    A very easy and delicious vegetarian silverbeet taco. You can use soft or hard taco shells and adjust the chilli to taste.

    Recipe by: Tabbytaz

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    This light fish taco is an ideal option for a summer entree or light lunch. The homemade sauce is a great addition and you can tweek to your ideal spicy level.

    Recipe by: Fountain Sauces

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    This was a throw together meal when I didn’t have enough in the house to make spaghetti or tacos but together they made this, now we plan to make it regularly.

    Recipe by: MumAndMe

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    Tacos area a tasty and easy to make midweek meal. This recipe provides the ingredients and instructions for the mince seasoning so no more needing to buy seasoning mix packets.

    Recipe by: ENEELK

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    This is a recipe my aunt handed down to me. Mince, beans, tomatoes and taco seasoning in a soup served with corn chips. Its so simple and so filling. Takes minutes to prepare. It is the perfect dish for a bunch of men watching football.

    Recipe by: kimtini

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