Capsicums (or bell peppers as some people call them) are an amazingly versatile ingredient that can be stuffed, stir fried, stewed, barbecued or roasted.

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This is a quick breakfast, brunch or lunch I make. Scrambled eggs can get a bit boring so I add capsicum then serve on toast.

Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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A wonderful way to use fresh vegetables in season. The feta cheese makes it a really special light meal.

Recipe by: MOTTSBELA

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This is a great Italian style side dish perfect accompaniment for pastas. Great to make ahead then bake when needed to serve.

Recipe by: Pfil

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This recipe may sound a little unusual but beer goes perfectly with sausages and capsicums. Serve as a main dish, or use as a filling in sandwich rolls.

Recipe by: Robert M. Catalano

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Chicken breasts simmered with tomato sauce, capsicums, mushrooms, black olives and alfredo sauce and served over hot cooked rigatoni pasta.

Recipe by: Kathi

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This is a very easy and delicious soup which makes use of jarred roasted capsicums. Of course you can always roast your own.

Recipe by: RLINDA

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This light and creamy sauce is excellent on any type of pasta, but tortellini or ravioli seems to be the best match.

Recipe by: BOB BAILEY

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Mackerel fillets are baked then served with roast capsicum and onion. If you can't find fresh mackerel, smoked mackerel is a good alternative.

Recipe by: Annakm

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Cajun seasoning lends this chicken and vegetable pasta dish a distinct smokiness. A very nice winter dish.

Recipe by: Carol Spradling

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A straightforward macaroni salad which uses soup mix, and that is excellent for parties, picnics and those summer day barbecues.

Recipe by: Samantha

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