Chocolate Pudding (35)

    Whether it is a cold creamy chocolate pudding, steamed pudding or a warm self saucing chocolate pudding there are a great range of recipes to choose from.

    Top Chocolate Pudding Recipes

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    The best, creamiest and richest chocolate pudding! For a gourmet touch, sprinkle a little coarse sea salt and shaved dark chocolate over before serving.

    Recipe by: anna72

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    This is a warm, rich, silky, but very traditional pudding, perfect with vanilla ice cream on a cold winter night. Its almost guaranteed not to fail, and if you have kids they will enjoy the way the sauce slowly creeps to the bottom during cooking.

    Recipe by: Ilena G

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    This pudding whips up in no time in your microwave...great for a quick dessert. Allow time for the pudding to chill. Stir in some chopped bananas before chilling for a nutrition boost.

    Recipe by: DBON

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    This is a rich, chocolate cake that's not overly sweet. Serve with a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream.

    Recipe by: Stephanie

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    This is a rich and decadent bread pudding with a toasted pecan and bourbon sauce. It's always a treat!

    Recipe by: Jack Dickson

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