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    There are so many options when it comes to making a chicken sandwich from the bread type, to salad and dressing choices. Try some of these great recipes.

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    Coronation chicken is a sandwich filling that is delicious and simple. There are no set quantities for the ingredients, it is up to your personal taste.

    Recipe by: jokamac

    57 reviews

    Don't go out for takeaway - try this authentic Lebanese sandwich at home. Just as satisfying, but heaps healthier. Usually served with tahini sauce.

    Recipe by: Wendy

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    Some easy to make chicken parmesan sandwiches that taste great and it makes enough for leftovers too = )

    Recipe by: FreshandLegit

    1 review

    A double-decker BLT sanger - that adds chicken as well as fresh lettuce, deep red tomato, and bacon to your classic BLT.

    Recipe by: Luke123

    204 reviews

    These chicken wraps are easy and tasty and a good way to get the kids to eat their veggies. You can add other fillings such as lettuce and tomato if you like.

    Recipe by: APIED

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