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    Looking for chicken pie recipes? Try one of these tasty chicken and leek pies, chicken and mushroom pies or other chicken and vegetable pies.

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    Chicken breast halves and a tasty mayonnaise, lemon and garlic sauce are wrapped in filo pastry then baked. Yum! I used to make this special recipe when I ran my own catering company years ago.

    Recipe by: Kristin Arnett

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    I love cutting into this puff pastry parcel to find a well seasoned full chicken breast, adjust the garlic to your preference if desired.

    Recipe by: FLIPISME

    3 reviews

    With delicate flavours and delicious aromas, this pie whispers "it took all day to make me" and only you will know the truth.

    Recipe by: Sefi

    1 review

    These are just stunning. An amazing white saucey but flavoursome filing and puffy topping.

    Recipe by: gracegrape

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    This classic comfort food has a healthy, new-age twist: it contains a higher ratio of vegetables to poultry.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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    These are pretty little pie parcels that are easy to make using store bought puff pastry. Delicious creamy sauce.

    Recipe by: adiluca

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    This take on shepherd's pie substitutes chicken for the usual beef or lamb. Simple to make and just delicious. Serve with steamed vegetables.

    Recipe by: tonytsang

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    A simple and basic but tasty recipe.

    Recipe by: jwilson99

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    This is a delicious Thai style chicken pie. I always get complements and people can't believe they are home made. This recipe is for individual pies but you can make family pies or even appetiser size pies for parties.

    Recipe by: CZARDAS

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    This fabulously good Chicken and Macadamia Flan is great served hot or cold.

    Recipe by: TRUSTY754

    2 / 5

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