Savoury Scones (23)

    Cheese scones, vegetable scones, herb scones are just some of the savoury scone recipes you'll find here. Great with a cuppa or with soup.

    Top Savoury Scone Recipes

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    Oil can replace dairy fats in many baking recipes such as this.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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    These cheese scones are so quick and easy. They call for only 5 ingredients: flour, salt, butter, cheese and milk. Smother them in butter and enjoy.

    Recipe by: cc-cooks

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    Light and fluffy, these delicious cheese scones are best eaten warm from the oven. Good with soup or just by themselves.

    Recipe by: Juliette, London, UK

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    Light and airy, these fluffy cheese scones will be much loved by cheese lovers, friends and family everywhere!

    Recipe by: christa.harm

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    A delicious fluffy savoury scone with cheese and and onion, carrot and parsley. Nice served plain or with butter - also goes well with soup.

    Recipe by: Rosetattoo

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