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Blue Cheese

Great recipes for blue cheese sauce, blue cheese dressing, chicken with blue cheese and blue cheese with pasta, among others.

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A delicious spread made of Gorgonzola cheese and unsalted butter. Serve on steaks or spread on a crusty loaf before lightly grilling for a twist on garlic bread.

Recipe by: kenziebug

6 reviews

A really delicious spaghetti dish that is simple but full of flavour. Caramelised onions, balsamic vinegar and Gorgonzola.

Recipe by: Lisa

6 reviews

Succulent pork chops are seasoned with garlic powder and black pepper. They are fried in hot butter until tender, then served with a creamy blue cheese gravy.

Recipe by: Toni

5 reviews

Blue cheese and pork are a natural combination but Gorgonzola is best for a richer, creamier sauce. Serve with green beans on a bed of mashed potatoes.

Recipe by: Kimberly Watson

4 reviews

A delicious cream pasta sauce for a special occasion. Roasted hazelnuts, walnuts or pine nuts are a nice addition sprinkled on top.

Recipe by: Amy

6 reviews

This salad of almonds, onions, blue cheese and greens has a beautiful cranberry vinaigrette to top it. Colourful and perfect for special occasions.

Recipe by: Nancy W

5 reviews

Blue Cheese dressing is great with vegetable sticks or as a dip for other finger food like chicken wings. And of course it is lovely on crispy salads.

Recipe by: Nancy Blair

5 reviews

This is a classic dressing for crisp green salads or even to dip baked chicken wings in. Use any blue cheese you prefer.

Recipe by: Alaine

1 review

Lasagne is great for a dinner party because you can prepare it ahead of time. You can even make the bechamel sauce the day before if you prefer.

Recipe by: nch

1 review

This is a baked chicken recipe where a simple wine and cream sauce is poured over the chicken before baking. Great with rice.

Recipe by: Belinda Stafurik

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