Cottage Pie (24)

Traditionally a cottage pie recipe is made with beef and a shepherd's pie is made with lamb, but they are both delicious as these recipes show.

Top Cottage Pie Recipes

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This is a delicious and hearty pie which is very quick to throw together. If you prefer you can substitute lamb mince and call it a shepherd's pie.

Recipe by: KMOMMYZ

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A great British recipe, this is a hearty dinner dish that is always a favourite with the the whole family and friends.

Recipe by: Babette

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A very traditional English cottage pie with beef, onions, carrots, potatoes and seasonings. Best served with fresh green peas.

Recipe by: Caroline

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When my vegetarian friends come around I fall back to this dish which is always well received. You can make the day before then store in the fridge, I find this makes it hold together much better when serving.

Recipe by: Launa

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Beef cottage pie is classic comfort food. If you want you can add some sweet potatoes or parsnip into the mashed potato crust.

Recipe by: Hel C

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