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    Baking a cake does not need to be difficult, there are many easy cake recipes whether it is a plain cake, chocolate cake or cheesecake you are looking for.

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    Because I don't usually ice my little cakes, and I suggested icing as an option once they have been cooked, I thought that I would add an icing recipe - for anyone that needs it.

    Recipe by: sam7778

    4 reviews

    nice cupcakes great for parties

    Recipe by: wjisitt

    30 reviews

    This cake is great for when you have friends arriving in an hour and nothing prepared to serve for sweets!

    Recipe by: megzy1511

    6 reviews

    If you don't take kindly to recipes that instruct you to "cream the butter and sugar" then this one's for you! Prepare this cake batter on the stove top...it's my Aunty Orietta's classic chocolate cake recipe. Delicious!

    Recipe by: Linda

    7 reviews

    This date cake has a very easy and fast preparation and smells delightful while cooking. Ice if desired.

    Recipe by: JELLY_58

    309 reviews

    This is a tasty cake that keeps well and is quite easy to make. Great as an afternoon snack with coffee.

    Recipe by: Judy Risilverbeetson

    13 reviews

    A lovely and simple cupcake recipe for all of the family. It makes delicious cupcakes that smell and look delicious.

    Recipe by: xmusic_loverx

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    This is a delicious recipe for a basic egg-free cheesecake. It's even better if topped with a layer of tinned fruit in thick syrup before being chilled.

    Recipe by: Debbie Clark

    152 reviews

    Yummy cheesecake cupcakes topped with sour cream and vanilla. Great dessert, easy to make and good with fresh fruit or jam.

    Recipe by: amazingpitbull

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    Every now and then you have those left over bananas that need to be eaten. This is a quick banana cake recipe that tastes great.

    Recipe by: Nikk1

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