Chocolate Sauce

    When enough chocolate isn't enough, you can always add a chocolate sauce. The sauce can be poured on top, self saucing or even hidden inside a baked cake.

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    Serve this simple chocolate sauce warm over ice-cream, crepes or pancakes or serve with any steamed pudding or berry dessert.

    Recipe by: Zoƫ Harpham

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    The chocolate and cream sauce makes this easy dessert truly special.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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    You can make the best chocolate topping for ice cream or dipping sauce for fruit simply by microwaving good quality dark chocolate with cream.

    Recipe by: MRS TEMPEST

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    This is an elegant dessert with flavours of rum, coffee and coconut, and quite easy to make. Panna cotta is sort of the Italian version of creme brulee.

    Recipe by: Camilla Saulsbury

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    This pudding evokes childhood memories when food was a most important aspect of my family life. Perfect for chilly nights - a spongy pudding with a thick syrupy chocolate sauce.

    Recipe by: aashw5

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    This the nicest chocolate sauce recipe ever but possibly also the most unhealthy. With chocolate, butter and icing sugar, how could you go wrong?

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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    This is an amazing dish and best with very large capsicums. It is then a meal in itself. You might want to adjust the chilli to your personal taste; this is pretty firey!

    Recipe by: kevin

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    This recipe for a chocolate sauce to serve over icecream has a much richer flavour than store bought brands. It was improvised by my mother one night, and I'll never have icecream without it again!

    Recipe by: Jeseta

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    Kids and adults alike will adore this irresistible ice cream cake, which is loaded with Oreo cookie crumbs. The cake can be decorated with mini Oreos arranged over the top of the cake if you like.

    Recipe by: dudey

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    Make a chocolate sauce topping that goes hard the instant it hits ice cream. It is quick and easy to make using 2 simple ingredients: chocolate and coconut oil. Get cracking!

    Recipe by: Fervent Frugal Foodie

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