Cheddar (22)

Cheddar is one of the most popular cheeses in Australia being the tasty fall back choice for most recipes including mornays, cheese sauces and melts.

Top Cheddar Recipes

4 reviews

This is a great Saturday morning breakfast recipe and you can add anything you like to it. Try fried bacon, mushrooms or tomatoes.

Recipe by: Sarah Jayne Davies

13 reviews

Lovely savoury muffins which are crunchy on top and soft and moist inside. These are great for lunchboxes or breakfast on the go.

Recipe by: SamUK

5 reviews

I loved sauteed zucchini with strong mature cheddar. Served on slices of baguette these make a great party snack or appetiser.

Recipe by: Lynda

4 reviews

One of the quickest and yummiest homemade breads you'll ever bake. Mustard, cheddar cheese and yoghurt add delicious flavour notes.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis and Joachim Wahnschaffe

5 reviews

This is the perfect quick snack or light lunch fix. Ham and Cheddar sandwiches are dipped in spicy egg mixture and pan fried.

Recipe by: REDFIORO

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