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    Cream adds a richness and depth to any recipe whether a rich ice cream, a creamy pasta sauce or key part of a baked delight.

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    1 review

    This cake always goes down well. It's so easy to remember - as it's equal measures of butter, sugar and flour. If you're in a hurry shove all the ingredients for the cake in a bowl and cream together before you bake it.

    Recipe by: nycki

    2 reviews

    A beautifully festive chocolate cake, the Yule log is not too hard to make. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Yule Log Video.

    Recipe by: emito

    9 reviews

    My Italian grandmother never put cream in her Carbonara sauce when she made it - she said it wasn't the way it was supposed to be made. This is the way.

    Recipe by: mammaSERE

    9 reviews

    This is my favourite throw-together-in-a-few-minutes vegetarian pasta. The sauce is ready by the time the pasta has cooked. You can use any long pasta for this dish which - although it has cream in it - is not thick or heavy. Serve with grated parmesan and add smoked salmon to the individual bowls just before serving for an Omega 3 (but not veggo) hit. Everyone who eats this, leaves the house with the recipe.

    Recipe by: RaewynL

    7 reviews

    This creamy sweet fudge with two kinds of chocolate and chopped nuts will disappear as fast as a wink! Makes a great gift.

    Recipe by: Ruth Crickmer

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