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    There are so many ways to use potatoes as a side dish including mashed potatoes, chips, potato salad, potato bake, roasted potatoes and curried potatoes.

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    One of our families favourites, passed down from my step Mum to me. Always served at BBQ's and get togethers. I always try different cheeses for the top... My favourite is tasty cheese and then a sprinkling of parmesan for a bit of bite... Instead of sour cream I've also tried thickened cream and cream cheese, which were both just as nice.

    Recipe by: lpeaceau

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    This is a very easy and delicious dish that I like to make as a side dish for barbecues.

    Recipe by: Jana

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    Roasted tasty sweet potatoes or kumara make a great addition to any meal. Very easy and a change from regular potatoes!

    Recipe by: JENNCOOK

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    A little powdered turmeric adds a lovely colour and a subtle flavour to these cripsy roast potatoes. Try them!

    Recipe by: MARLENE28

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    This is a deliciously different and non-creamy way to make a potato bake and it's so easy. If there happen to be any leftovers, they're just as good the next day.

    Recipe by: June Formanek

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    This is a great use for leftover mashed potatoes - so good you'll find you are making extra potatoes on purpose! Add cheese or bacon if you like.

    Recipe by: PATTI PEARSON

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    This is also known as 'Briam' a Greek cuisine that embodies how they take a few of the simplest of ingredients and turn them into something utterly delicious with little effort. This is a traditional dish served as a main course and with olive oil as the only source of fat it is a quintessential example of the 'Mediterranean diet'.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    An easy healthy way to make chips (or wedges) for fish and chips or with burgers or just for a snack.

    Recipe by: Ashlee

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    This is a great recipe as an alternative to baked or roast potatoes. It produces fantastically crispy potatoes which are still soft inside!

    Recipe by: Mel Fnord

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    I love doing potatoes in the oven this way. They don't take too long and go well with lots of dishes-especially fish and chicken. The liquid will dry out during the cooking - that's the idea - but add a little more towards the end if needed. I made them to go with the Mediterranean Lemon Chicken recipe from this site.

    Recipe by: Nicola

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