Mayonnaise is a thick, creamy condiment that is primarily an emulsification of oil, egg yolk and either vinegar or lemon juice.

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    This makes a nice summer lunch or brunch served on toasted wholemeal bread or a bagel.

    Recipe by: Donna

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    Also known around my place as "Best Potatoes You'll Ever Taste!" Watch your guests try to guess what's in this delicious and simple potatoes recipe. It's the perfect side dish to any meal or barby. It's got me out of many a jam with entertaining.

    Recipe by: Xanthe

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    Commercial mayonnaise is cheap, but have you ever tasted the real thing? It's not hard to make in the food processor.

    Recipe by: CYNTHIAPIEDRA

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    A double-decker BLT sanger - that adds chicken as well as fresh lettuce, deep red tomato, and bacon to your classic BLT.

    Recipe by: Luke123

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    You might never have thought to add mayonnaise to a chocolate cake but it does a wonderful job of keeping the cake moist and flavourful.

    Recipe by: Roxanne39

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    Mayonnaise replaces eggs and oil in this chocolate cake recipe and helps create a moist, dense texture that isn't overly sweet.

    Recipe by: Karen

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    There are a ton of good vegan mayonnaise recipes out there. But I keep coming back to this recipe I adapted from a vegan camp I went to about ten years ago. It is mild, creamy, and delicious. As usual, I have listed quantities as a guide only. I tend to add in the lemon juice, vinegar and salt at the end, and keep tasting in between each addition.

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    You could use dried dill, but use fresh if you can. You can also substitute eschalots for the red onion. Serve in egg and lettuce sandwiches or with crisp lettuce as a salad.

    Recipe by: Margret

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    I don't like mayonnaise - so this potato salad doesn't have any. Tastes good either warm or cold.

    Recipe by: laridae

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    A rich and creamy salad dressing with great texture and flavour. Its quite thick and it definitely tastes better chilled.

    Recipe by: LISALISALISA

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