Try out these lovely lasagna recipes including traditional Italian lasagna, vegetarian lasagna, cheese lasagna and eggplant lasagna. Something to please everyone!

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    This meal wins over the toughest of food critics.

    Recipe by: rglavan

    12207 reviews

    It takes a little work but it's worth it. You could use instant lasagne sheets to cut down on a little prep time.

    Recipe by: John Chandler

    582 reviews

    This is an unusual chicken lasagne but everyone loves the taste. A quick dinner, too; if you use instant lasagne you don't have to cook the sheets making this even easier.

    Recipe by: Caroline

    723 reviews

    This recipe is so easy, you might think that you are doing something wrong. It has three cheeses and is delicious!

    Recipe by: KIMIRN

    1797 reviews

    Here's a decadent lasagne recipe the whole family will love. Try adding some extra chopped vegetables in with the spinach to get the kids to have that extra serving.

    Recipe by: Lisa Humpf

    8 reviews

    It isn't really lasagne, but it's a great dish! Chilli con carne is layered with tortillas and then baked with a sour cream top.

    Recipe by: CLEM1

    2 reviews

    Lasagne made with fried eggplant, mince, tomatoes and Worcestershire sauce. A favourite recipe of mine adapted over time.

    Recipe by: Rebecca M

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    This lasagne combines some modern short-cuts with the traditional flavour of bechamel sauce (instead of ricotta).

    Recipe by: Emily

    62 reviews

    This is a tasty and colourful vegetarian lasagne with red, yellow, orange and green capsicum and three cheeses.

    Recipe by: DEWEESE

    178 reviews

    Ricotta, feta, mozzarella and parmesan are combined with roasted pumpkin, roasted tomato and barbecued eggplant in this filling and cheesy vegetarian lasagne.

    Recipe by: BLACK_CAT52

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