Sourdough Bread

    Sourdough is one of the most popular breads you can make at home. Here you will find sourdough starter recipes as well as recipes for sourdough bread.

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    A sourdough starter that uses the liquid from boiled potatoes to attract wild yeast. Excellent for making your own sourdough bread or rolls with or without a bread machine. This starter can last you for years!

    Recipe by: Paula

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    An egg wash and a little bit of chopped onion on top make all the difference to this good and tasty sourdough.

    Recipe by: Donna

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    Sourdough is bread which is fermented with wild yeast in the air instead of commercial yeast. It is delicious and not hard to make once you have your starter going.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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    A fresh, piping hot sourdough loaf with a rosy hue and a slight hint of tomato. The secret to the flavour is adding warm tomato juice to the sourdough starter.

    Recipe by: Esther Nelson

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    If you love sourdough, then these pancakes are for you. Using leftover sourdough starter combined with eggs, sugar and milk powder, these pancakes are one of a kind.

    Recipe by: AUNTPT

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    This recipe uses a naturally fermented starter (sourdough) so you need to start this recipe a few days ahead. Other than that it is not hard.

    Recipe by: Bonnie

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    I adapted this recipe from one I found on the internet and it looked good so I thought it would be a great thing for dinner.

    Recipe by: barcafamily

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    Sourdough bread is easy to make in the bread machine. You can make your own starter ahead of time with yeast, flour and water.

    Recipe by: Mari

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    Rewena is a Maori sourdough bread made with a potato starter. It is much easier than many sourdoughs and tastes great. I like to serve it especially with seafood soups.

    Recipe by: TanyaS

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    A delicious white bread that tastes like sourdough, without all the effort. The trick is using sour cream and barley flour. Your bread machine does all the work.

    Recipe by: BILL PARR

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