Although called wheat, buckwheat is not actually related to the wheat plant, it is actually related to the rhubarb plant. Recipes range from breads to salads.

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    These gluten-free pancakes are full of nutritious ingredients: linseeds, buckwheat, brown rice flour and more! The balsamic mushroom and leek topping is equally delicious on its own.

    Recipe by: Patsy Jamieson, Diane Temple

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    These little Russian pancakes have a deliciously distinctive flavour thanks to the buckwheat flour. Try them topped with a spoonful of your favourite dip.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    It can almost be guaranteed that most, if not all, of these ingredients are already in the cupboard. This is a great afternoon tea cake, to serve with coffee - maybe with a little cream and some fresh berries on the side.

    Recipe by: hezb

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    If you don't like rice, try this recipe with which pairs buckwheat with bacon. It's a hearty, meaty side dish that goes with anything.

    Recipe by: REDFIORO

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    Buckwheat is mixed with onions and pasta to make this very simple and traditional Western European side dish. It is a staple at our holiday table and delicious drenched in gravy.

    Recipe by: Lobbylady

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    A delicious quick and healthy soup that children love. It's quick to make the meatballs if you use a food processor.

    Recipe by: nt.bella

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    These are a very tasty vegan pancake that uses buckwheat . They also contain cranberries and walnuts, garnish the pancakes with additional cranberries and walnuts.

    Recipe by: Izzy

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    Buckwheat is simmered until soft then combined with olives, red onion, fresh mint and dill in this delicious gluten-free salad recipe.

    Recipe by: souplover Sue

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    This light buckwheat salad can be served warm or cold. It is an excellent side dish for grilled or steamed fish.

    Recipe by: Buckwheat Queen

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    Buckwheat is not a grain or a type of wheat but is used as if it were. The hulled roasted seeds are called groats or kasha. When cooked, they have a nutty taste.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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