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    Whether you call them sweets, lollies or candy there are lots of sweet treat recipes to choose from including toffee, honeycomb, fudge, caramel and marshmallow.

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    146 reviews

    Easy to make crunchy lollies, easily customised by using different essences and colourings. The hardest part is waiting for the sugar to reach the proper temperature.

    Recipe by: JUDITH SYNESAEL

    47 reviews

    I've been on a bit of a lollie run lately and found this one from way back. Your own version of Crunchie-just without the chocolate. This is easy to make and fun when you add the bicarb!

    Recipe by: Nicola

    133 reviews

    This is a nice basic construction but you can make your house more elaborate as you get more familiar with the process. Use your imagination and lollies and icing to make doors, windows, pathways and a garden. The gingerbread needs to sit overnight after cooking and after assembly - the fun is in the decorating!

    Recipe by: Ruth

    30 reviews

    This sweet is called 'shuku shuku' in Nigeria. It's very simple and easy to make and a favourite of children of all ages.

    Recipe by: Forgemaster

    25 reviews

    This cake is sure to be a hit at a kid's birthday party! Popcorn is mixed with melted marshmallows, soft lollies and peanuts then set in the fridge.

    Recipe by: Nancy Stitham

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