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    Looking for authentic recipes from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark? We have Swedish meatballs, Danish desserts, Norwegian potato lefse, Finnish pulla bread, pickled herring, festive glogg recipes and more.

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    This is a very popular dish from Norway which is usually served with boiled potatoes sprinkled with parsley.

    Recipe by: KATHYANN9

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    Swedish meatballs are usually served with gravy and lingonberry jam, if you can get it! This is wonderful comfort food and the leftovers keep well.

    Recipe by: Hope

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    This recipe makes two loaves of traditional Swedish rye bread lightly flavoured with orange rind, caraway and fennel.

    Recipe by: Ruth Uitto

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    A Norwegian almond cake with a custard topping for a special occasion and/or for dessert. Incredibly rich but gluten free!

    Recipe by: TIGERDYR

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    These are excellent and simple biscuits from a Norwegian recipe. If you like, try substituting lemon essence for vanilla.

    Recipe by: Raymond

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    These Swedish biscuits are sometimes called thumbprint biscuits because you make a dent with your thumb which gets filled with jam.

    Recipe by: G. Crandall

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    This is the traditional mulled wine served at Christmas in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. This is the adult version!

    Recipe by: MYLEEN

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    This is a Swedish gingerbread recipe known as 'Stora Pepparkakor'. These are very gingery and chewy compared to mainstream gingerbread.

    Recipe by: penguinw

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    These Swedish oatmeal biscuits also known as 'Havreflarn' are made from oats, almond meal, butter and sugar.

    Recipe by: Julia

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    This is a recipe for Norwegian wafer biscuits called krumkakes. You need a special iron to make them. Filled them with whipped cream or dip them in chocolate.

    Recipe by: SUCCESSB440

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