Pressure Cooker Recipes (88)

    Pressure cookers are a great choice for speedy results and preserving the foods nutrients. There are great recipes for chicken, rice, curry and pork.

    Top Pressure Cooker Recipes

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    Before landing on it's fluffy steamed vegetable nest, this quail was braised in pancetta, shallots and spumante!

    Recipe by: hip_pressure_cooking

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    A pressure cooker makes this delicious beef dinner easy to prepare. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Beef Topside with Vegetable Puree Video.

    Recipe by: Luis Luna

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    A beetroot side dish with a vinaigrette based on red wine vinegar, olive oil and garlic. Serve on a bed of cos lettuce.

    Recipe by: MERDE60

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    This cake improves with time so make it the day before. If desired, garnish with icing sugar or whipped cream and sliced strawberries.

    Recipe by: Eleanor Johnson

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    Cook these easy mince and rice meatballs in no time on the rack of your pressure cooker. The tomato sauce is too easy and tastes great.

    Recipe by: Mary Kelso

    Pressure Cooker Videos

    How to Cook Beef Topside
    How to Cook Beef Topside
    How to Make Cocido Madrileno Stew
    How to Make Cocido Madrileno Stew

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