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    Traditional hummus gets a colourful and spicy twist with the addition of pumpkin puree, cumin, cayenne pepper and paprika. Serve with your favourite vegetables and pitta bread!

    Recipe by: Georgia J. Llewellyn

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    This little nibble is like a mini Caprese in every bite. So easy to prepare, yet impressive when beautifully laid out on a white serving platter.

    Recipe by: ALZ

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    This is a fun party dish! Simply arrange fresh spring vegetables in an herb flavoured hummus to resemble a spring garden in full bloom! Kids will enjoy plucking the veggies from the garden.

    Recipe by: Ashley Baron

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    These party nibbles are both easy to make and absolutely delicious. You can make them ahead and freeze until you're ready to serve.

    Recipe by: DALEPFEFFER

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    A great alternative to chickpea hummus. Boiling the lentils with turmeric makes all the difference to the taste.

    Recipe by: emine

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    This is a great party dish for sharing. I can never seem to make enough as everyone seems to loves them. Try drizzling plain yoghurt over them, if you like.

    Recipe by: tfremont

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    Looking for spicier and cheesier finger food? These jalapeno peppers stuffed with pepper Jack cheese and wrapped in bacon will fit the bill.

    Recipe by: Skyler M

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