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Need a reason to cook pancakes? Pancake Tuesday is a great one. Try a traditional recipe or something a little more fancy like chocolate or berry pancakes.

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13 reviews

American pancakes are big, thick and fluffy. This recipe gives exactly that, serve with anything you want but in the American way maple syrup seems appropriate.

Recipe by: JessMills

13 reviews

These will be the fluffiest pancakes you have made, but it takes some work as you separate the eggs and whisk the whites before mixing them into the batter.

Recipe by: W King

14 reviews

Delicious banana pancakes that are made from scratch then flavoured with a hint of vanilla. Ripe mashed bananas give this tasty breakfast an amazing richness.

Recipe by: ADDEAN1

11 reviews

Very yummy potato pancakes with beef mince inside. So good! You can change it up the way you like. Serve with sour cream. These are even good next day!

Recipe by: Tallya

8 reviews

These are a favourite and it's worth using the buttermilk for the flavour but any other milk will do just fine.

Recipe by: LEEMA

Pancake Tuesday Videos

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How to Make Apple Pancakes
How to Make American Style Pancakes
How to Make American Style Pancakes
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How to Make Crepes

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