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    Looking for ice-cream, sorbets, frozen yoghurt, no-cook cheesecake or other cold dessert recipes? Need chilled soups like gazpacho, potato salads or pates?

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    Yoghurt can be substituted with coconut cream, if you prefer a vegan version. Since this recipe was made without an ice cream maker, if you leave it overnight it will freeze solid so you’ll need to let it soften a lot before serving or eat soon after making.

    Recipe by: Morsels

    168 reviews

    Love chocolate? Love cheesecake? Have them both together. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake Video.

    Recipe by: SUGAR.PLUM.FAIRY

    14 reviews

    This cheesecake is delicious using inseason ripe mangoes. Make it the day before so it can chill and set overnight. You can decorate with extra sliced mango, if you like.

    Recipe by: Mum2Boys

    13 reviews

    To save a lot of cleaning up I line the pie dish with tin foil, enough that it goes over the sides. With this you can also lift the cheesecake out of the dish, making it a lot easier to cut than when it's in the dish. This takes about 8 hours to set so I recommend making it in the morning.

    Recipe by: chocoholic2468

    11 reviews

    This crispy no-cook slice is great to make with kids. A few pieces wrapped in cellophane can make a great Christmas pressie for them to give-that's if the adults haven't eaten them all first.

    Recipe by: cassandra

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