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    Need entree ideas for a party or home dinner? There are lots of recipe choices such as salsas, dips, canapés, antipasto platters and many small portion dishes.

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    9 reviews

    Traditional lettuce-wrapped delight, great as an entree or light meal. Pork mince, water chestnuts and bean sprouts in a tangy sweet sauce.

    Recipe by: adiluca

    88 reviews

    Ceviche is the perfect summer seafood entree with its citrus, coriander and chilli flavours. The acid in the lemon and lime juices 'cooks' the seafood in the fridge. Different Latin American countries have different versions of ceviche so you can use any variation of fresh seafood in your own version.

    Recipe by: JAVI19

    63 reviews

    With a few easy to get ingredients from you local Asian grocer you can easily be making your own Vietnamese prawns spring rolls.

    Recipe by: Claudine

    488 reviews

    These spring rolls are really healthy and not fried. They make a lovely change for a summer party served with one or both of the dipping sauces. Well worth the effort - these are fantastic.

    Recipe by: Paula

    371 reviews

    This is the Filipino version of spring rolls, made with pork mince, carrot, cabbage, garlic and spring onions. Great as a finger food.

    Recipe by: LILQTPINAY23

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