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    Do you need to avoid recipes that use milk or dairy products? Are you or your kids lactose-intolerant and you needing recipes for dairy-free cakes and muffins?

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    27 reviews

    This recipe makes two cakes and the cakes just get better with age. If you can, bake them a few days ahead!

    Recipe by: Suzanne Stull

    326 reviews

    These taste amazing and are quick to make! You can play around and substitute different milks, oils and extracts; just about any will work. I've listed my favourites. These are great with a simple frosting of cocoa powder, icing sugar and orange juice.

    Recipe by: cornfairy

    374 reviews

    The favourite dish of my daughter Molly, this is a super easy slow cooker chicken dinner to make. You can serve with rice and/or vegetables.

    Recipe by: COOKIELUVR1

    795 reviews

    A very good high protein alternative to flourless chocolate cake. You need a food processor to do the mixing. Give it a try!

    Recipe by: CCUMMINS

    119 reviews

    This is a great healthy substitute for fattier counterparts. You can use plain flour instead of wholemeal if desired. Other fruits can be substituted as well!

    Recipe by: Speck

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      Vegan Cupcake
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      Roasted Tomato Soup
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      Homemade Gnocchi
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      Vegan Whipped Cream

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