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Vegemite and Cheese Scrolls

A great, tasty yet simple snack idea. Who didn't have these treats when they were growing up? You'll love them.
Reviews (25)

29 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: kimluke15
I only used 200ml of milk. Be sure to not over work the dough. I refrigerated mine before rolling out. They came out so lovely and soft. I melted some butter and Vegemite and brushed it on. I made small rounds and got about 20 out of the recipe. Perfect finger food for a party. I also brushed the tops with egg to make them nice and golden. they may not make it to the party tomorrow!
13 Jun 2012
Reviewed by: rcockerill
Good recipe. The only thing I would change is measuring the flour by weight instead of volume as I have found that 1 scooped cup of flour actually weighs 175g instead of 125g so my scrolls were a little floury. Note: 1 cup flour is equal to 125gm
02 Jul 2012
Reviewed by: geraldinegordic
The recipe was alright, but i put the dough in the fridge, it made it soooo much better. I also put tomato sauce and barbecue sauce tasted soo nice.
23 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: mrsbutterflygirl
Yummo! These are great! I made them with 200ml milk instead of a full cup after reading the reviews and they turned out perfect! Even my daughter who is a very fussy eater loves them! Big winner in my house!
01 May 2009
netiele said:
Took shortcuts. use puff pastry instead also yummy with bbq sauce diced bacon and cheese
19 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: KTM8TY
Mine kinda tasted like scones...anyone else or is it my complete inability to bake? Still yummy though...
28 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: Veronikka
I just cooked the recipe to exact instrustions and found that the dough was not all that soft.
22 Jun 2009
Mickeyboo said:
Used different ingredients. Use tomato paste with garlic and parmesan worked through, a sprinkling of oregano, diced ham and grated cheese and you have pizza scrolls
18 Jan 2009
michellex4 said:
Altered ingredient amounts. I used Marmite instead of Vegemite but use sparingly as quite strong. I also doubled the cheese to make them a bit moister.
19 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: K122Y
I made this for the first time in April 09. The dough was too sticky and the scrolls tasted chewy and solid. Made this again with pesto, feta and tomato this time round and they were great. Light and fluffy as spent less time making the butter and flour into 'breadcrumbs'. They were so good, my boyf ate 3. Will definitely make again and will try different fillings.


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