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Angela's Asian Chicken Soup with Noodles

Super quick chicken noodle soup using instant noodles! This is so easy I sometimes set my kids to making it. Bok choy and carrot add veggies.
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20 Nov 2003
Reviewed by: NJSS2000
I used about 4 and a half cups of chicken broth instead of the 3 cups of water and didn't have bok choy on hand so I chopped up some leafy lettuce. What a great surprise this turned out to be. My son was disappointed when he went for his 3rd bowl and found the pot empty. The 3 of us ate it up!
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15 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: MOESHAVERN
This recipe was quick and easy but a bit bland. Added soy sauce to taste and a hit of hot sauce...really perked it up.
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28 May 2003
Quick, tasty and cost efficient. Baby DeMahy. Born: March 8, 1971. Indianapolis.
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03 Apr 2009
emz108 said:
Used different ingredients. Just added a bit of spring onion, and on my second go tried ready-cooked egg noodles instead, and made up a bit of chicken stock
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07 Jul 2008
Reviewed by: KERIS1172
Very easy to make and good. I used 4 cups of water and had spinach on hand to replace the bok choy. I added a teaspoon of soy sauce and Asian seasoning from Pampered Chef. Next time I'm going to use the Oriental Ramen Noodles and 1/2 of the seasoning packet.
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05 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: MOMMYIM
This was a quick weeknight dinner that pleased the whole family. I didn't add the bok choy because I knew my kids would just pick it out, so I added some chopped broccoli instead. I also added sliced mushrooms. I cooked the chicken with soy sauce and garlic/herb mix. Thanks for sharing!
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08 Dec 2004
Reviewed by: PENNY D
This was pretty good. I would use chicken broth in place of the water next time.
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04 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: Leslie
It's not that this is bad, it's just glorified top ramen. I don't know why I expected more. I read the ingredients, but just expected that it would have more flavor.
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16 Jul 2008
Reviewed by: KsMom
This was very tasty. I doubled the recipe, so we had some leftover, and it was even better the next day, after the flavors had blended. I also added chicken bouillon to the water (since I didn't have chicken broth on hand), and also used shredded lettuce instead of bok choy (a little mushier, but still good). My four year old liked it enough to finish one small bowl - and as finicky as she is, that's saying something! My hubby loved it. Quick and easy, and de'lish - will make again!
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18 Sep 2002
Reviewed by: JAZZY-GIRL
Quick and easy, and pretty good. Thanks for sharing.
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