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Boston Style Baked Beans

Homemade baked beans are the best! They are a great accompaniment at a barbecue or simply served with toast.
Reviews (4)

01 Jul 2011
Reviewed by: Shanny
This dish is very easy to make - I would venture to think, almost fool proof and smells, looks and tastes great. Quite a bit sweeter than what I thought it would be, so people could reduce the sugar a bit if they are not into sweet tastes but was lovely as is. Perfection with garlicy mashed potatoes! I am going to try freezing it in snap lock bags in small portions and if it works out well, I hope to keep a regular supply to whip out and defrost whenever we feel like some beans on toast for breakfast or something.
05 May 2013
Reviewed by: mellsy
Was a little slack in the measuring the sauces but I think it was almost close. I did not hold much hope while cooking it but when I tasted it I was so pleased. REALLY nice. Will make it again and again.
01 Jul 2011
Shanny said:
Used different ingredients. I used a combination of red kidney beans, borlotti beans and great northern beans. Instead of bacon, I pulled a bacon hock out of the freezer, partly defrosted it and then just threw it in with the beans to cook in the oven. Afterwards, pulled it out, cut off chunks of bacon and stirred them back in.
04 Apr 2009
booduck said:
Something else. i use this Boston baked beans - cook sausages, cut into small slices, add chopped bacon rashers, diced onion and canned baked beans. Heat through long enough for the onion to be soft. Loves by kids . Can also use canned spaghetti on place of baked beans


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